Wegens administratieve redenen is de website beperkt zichtbaar
Privacy policy

Privacy policy

In the Koinz Trading privacy policy you can find out which personal information we will ask for and how we will protect it. At Koinz Trading, privacy is of the utmost importance. We always ask that you read the privacy policy each time you use our services so that you are aware of any changes. Should significant changes occur, we will mention this on our main page. Furthermore, an email will be sent to all of our customers, guaranteeing your being kept up to date.

Which data does Koinz Trading collect?

Koinz Trading is wettelijk verplicht om een administratie bij te houden met klantinformatie.
Koinz Trading is legally required to keep accounts for customer information.
The statutory holding term for this information is 7 years.
For the purposes of Koinz Trading administration we need the following information:

  • Personal details.
  • Bank details.
  • Date and times of your orders and transactions.
  • Your bitcoin address and transaction ID.
  • Verification details.

How does Koinz Trading protect your data?

Koinz Trading uses your personal information solely for the purpose for which you have given it. This means that we will not provide your personal or transactional information to third parties. Should court action be initiated in connection with a financial transaction, Koinz Trading will first consult you and our lawyer so that we can take the right steps for you. The lawyer will see if the claim is well founded or specific, if this is not the case then we will not assist in the case’s legal progress.

Privacy during bitcoin purchases.

Buying bitcoins from Koinz Trading via the website (this option will be available soon) is less anonymous than purchasing them at our office in Lelystad. When trading your bitcoins directly at Koinz Trading, your privacy is all the more guaranteed. Please keep in mind that bitcoin transactions are public and stored in the Blockchain programme. Transactions are therefore traceable; however, when you buy them via Koinz Trading, they will first be traced to Koinz Trading, so the identity of the owner can not immediately be determined.

Questions about Privacy?

Still have questions about privacy issues at Koinz Trading? You can always contact us on the following email address: privacy@koinztrading.nl for all your privacy related questions.


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